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Providing Cost Effective Software Development Services from Rural North Dakota

Outsourcing Software Development

  • Create employment opportunities in rural areas 

  • Commitment and dedication

  • Offer quality development services at a low cost

  • Open communication

  • ​​Attention to detail

Low Cost

On Prairie Software was created and structured to compete with off shore development services and bring jobs to rural areas in the United States

Our Team

Our team has a combined experience of over 14 years, you're in good hands with us.

Location Is Key

The idea behind On Prairie Software is to provide cost effective software development services from within the United States. We want to give American companies looking to outsource their development an option to keep this work on shore. The key to allowing us to offer quality development services at a low cost is to base ourselves in a rural area. We are able to lower our costs and pass the savings onto our clients. We also feel we can build a strong development team with an excellent work ethic in this area.  

We are located in Walhalla, ND which is in the northeast corner of the state and just a few miles from Canada. We have worked with the city of Walhalla, Job Services of ND, and the Red River Regional Council to help fund the startup of On Prairie Software. With their assistance along with members of the community, we have an office in downtown Walhalla and we are ready to build our development team. We look forward to the opportunity to provide software development services and building our client base. If you would like more information, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with information.

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Nathan Smith is the founder of On Prairie Software. Nathan is from Minot, ND and lived there until he moved to Minneapolis after college to become a software developer. His 14 years of software development has focused around integrating to Microsoft Dynamics products and mobile development. He was able to work with companies around the US in various industries ranging from a wine storage company in California to a pet food distributor in Buffalo, NY. The knowledge Nathan has gained over the years has allowed him to write training materials for companies like Microsoft and provide tutorials to companies looking to further their knowledge in areas of software.


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Providing Cost Effective Software Development Services from Rural North Dakota