We are dedicated to offering high quality software development services at an affordable price from rural America. 

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Integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Software Consulting Services

-Provide mobile app development services for companies looking to outsource. Our strategy is to compete against offshore development companies by locating ourselves in a rural area which lowers our costs.  Being in the United States gives us an advantage of being in similar time zones as our clients and we avoid language barriers.

-Train and hire local residents to become Xamarin developers so they can do mobile app development and recruit experienced developers from outside of the community that would prefer to live in rural areas.

-Partner with area high schools to create programs to train students interested in mobile app development and provide employment opportunities for them without having to move to a bigger city.

-Provide mobile app development services for Android, iOS, Windows Phone

-Provide Integration development services for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics AX

Our Objective...

Xamarin Mobile Cross Platform Development

Xamarin mobile app development

Providing Cost Effective Software Development Services from Rural North Dakota