Download 2020 fields before using the Harvest View app for the first time this season.

i.Click on “Fields With Logged Points”

ii.Click on “Retrieve fields”

Cart Operator

Before you turn on tracking, go to Settings in the Hamburger menu and verify the settings are correct for your operation.

i.Enable alert sound for possible cart load

When enabled, this will alert the cart operator if a truck load is not created for a truck that is detected for at least 90 seconds and then is not detected for at least 30 seconds.

ii.Enable Cart = 1 Truck

If your cart unloads its entire load to one truck, enable this option. This will then create a zero load each time a truck load is created.



To start tracking as a cart, click the cart icon highlighted below and then toggle the Track Movement slider to on.
Once tracking is turned on, you will see detected trucks displayed as buttons as shown below. Up to three trucks will be displayed. If there are more then three trucks, the closest three will be displayed. The closest truck will show next to the yellow truck icon.


To create a truck load, click on the truck’s button. This will pop up three buttons; a yellow button with the truck name, a Cancel Load button, and a Finish Load button. To create the truck load, click on the Finish Load button. Click the Cancel Load button to clear to truck load option and return to tracking.
If you are Not in “Enable Cart = 1 Truck” mode, the Zero Load option will be available as shown below.
Once the cart has been emptied and all trucks you are unloading to are full, click Zero Load. This is used to create segments in the field. The more zero loads created, the better the field analysis will be.
To view Cart Truck Load and Cart Zero Loads that have been created, click on “Cart Zero Load” or “Cart Truck Load” in the hamburger menu

i.Cart Truck Loads can be edited or deleted from the Cart Truck Load screen


Harvest Operator

Click on the Harvester icon highlighted below and then toggle the Track Movement slider to on.
Select the size of your harvester. 6, 8, or 12 row.


Select what you will be unloading to. The options are Cart, Truck, or a combination of the two. This can be changed while you are tracking. If you select Truck, carts will be ignored by the Harvest View app. If you select Cart, trucks will be ignored. For best results select the option that fits what you are doing in the field.
Once tracking is turned on, the two closest carts/trucks (depending on what you are unloading to) will be listed as shown below. The closest cart/truck will be displayed next to the yellow truck icon.


Tips for best results

Keep the Harvest View app in the forefront and your phone or tablet screen on.

i.Scanning for trucks (Bluetooth devices) is slowed when the app is in the background. For best results, keep your screen on with the app showing.

In the hamburger menu, the # of fields downloaded, and the # of trucks downloaded will be displayed. Verify each of these have a valid count. Fields should be > 900 and trucks should be > 400
Cart Operators

i.When tracking as a cart, periodically go into the “Cart Zero Load” and “Cart Truck Load” screens to verify your activity is matching up with what is being reported.

Harvest Operators

i.When tracking as harvester, periodically go into the Field Tracking Log screen to verify your activity is matching up with what is being reported.

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